Beef & Steak Chili

Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Peanut-Free, Nut-Free, Fish-Free, Shellfish-Free



Prep Time:

45 Minutes

Cook Time:

6-8 Hours






Kristina Koslosky


The Beef & Steak Chili is a hearty, filling chili with both steak and beef, great for chilly, fall evenings. Easy-to-make and tasty!


    Chili Ingredients
    1 ½ lb. ground beef, cooked and crumbled
    1 white/yellow onion, diced
    1 tbsp. vegan buttery spread
    2 lbs. New York Strips or Tenderloin
    3 tbsp. chili powder
    2 tbsp. ground cumin
    2 tbsp. sugar
    2 tbsp. tomato paste
    1 tbsp. garlic powder
    1 ½ tsp. salt
    ½ tsp. pepper
    ¼ tsp. cayenne
    1 cup beef broth
    16 oz. petite diced tomatoes
    2 cans hot chili beans
    8-16 oz. tomato sauce

    Elbow macaroni, cooked
    Vegan cheddar shreds
    Diced jalapenos


1. In a large skillet, cook the ground beef until mostly done. Drain the grease and add to 6-qt. or larger crockpot.
2. In the same skillet, heat 1 tbsp. vegan buttery spread. Sauté diced onions for 3-5 minutes. Add to crockpot.
3. Dice the steak into small pieces and add to crockpot.
4. Add the chili powder, ground cumin, sugar, tomato paste, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cayenne, beef broth, diced tomatoes, and chili beans to crockpot. Add however much tomato sauce fits in your sized crockpot.
5. Cook the chili on low for 6-8 hours.
6. About 30 minutes before the chili is done, start boiling water and cook the elbow macaroni according to package instructions.
7. Serve the chili over noodles and top with vegan cheddar cheese and diced jalapenos.
    • This chili recipe is extremely hearty and filling. Cut down or eliminate the noodles to reduce carbs.
    • Substitute ground turkey for ground beef.
    • If you have suggestions for us, please share in the comments.


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