Asian Quinoa and Spinach Salad

Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Peanut-Free, Nut-Free, Fish-Free, Shellfish-Free



Prep Time:

30 Minutes

Cook Time:

30 Minutes






Kristina Koslosky


Tired of ordinary salads? Try this wonderful alternative. This salad can be your main course. Asian Quinoa and Spinach Salad is made of chicken, quinoa, spinach, onions, cabbage, onion, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, and so much more with a fabulous mixture of spices. Make extra, you'll love the leftovers.


    Salad Ingredients
    1 cup quinoa, cooked
    1 lb. chicken breasts, cooked and diced
    1 cup edamame, shelled and cooked
    1 cup red cabbage, chopped
    1 cup red bell pepper, diced
    1 cup cucumber, diced
    ½ cup green onion, chopped
    ¼ cup cilantro, chopped
    1 cup matchstick carrots
    1 cup corn
    1 box spinach
    Top with chow mein noodles

    Dressing Ingredients
    ½ cup soy sauce
    1 tbsp. sesame oil
    1 tbsp. rice wine vinegar
    1 tbsp. sesame seeds
    ¼ tsp. ginger
    1 tsp. garlic powder
    1/8 tsp. red pepper flakes
    Salt & pepper


1. Make quinoa according to package instructions. Set aside and let cool.
2. Meanwhile, cook the chicken in a skillet covered with water to keep it moist. Once the chicken is done, remove from heat, let cool, and dice into small pieces.
3. Cook the edamame according to package instructions. Shell if needed.
4. Combine the cooled quinoa, diced chicken, and edamame in a large bowl.
5. Chop the cabbage. Dice the peppers, cucumber, green onion, and cilantro. Add the diced vegetables to the bowl along with the carrots and corn. For meal prep, store the salad mixture as is and separate from the spinach and dressing.
6. To make the dressing, combine soy sauce, sesame oil, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds, ginger, garlic, red pepper flakes, salt, and pepper in a pint mason jar. Shake to mix.
7. When it is time to serve, toss the salad mixture with spinach. Add dressing and toss until the salad is evenly coated. Serve with fried chow mein noodles.
    • Stay tuned, new recipes that pair well with this dish will be published soon!
    • Wish we could make this healthier, but sometimes you just can't help it.
    • Substitute liquid amino acids for soy sauce.


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